Friday, February 4, 2011

Sea World

After my show we drove down to Sea World for the rest of the weekend.

My 1st NPC Show

My fitness roundTop 5 from my figure classYeah I won all around figureMy scary dark tan could not wait for a shower but Hope wanted a picture with Mommy
I will be competing at my next show the first part of March in Columbus, Ohio @ The Arnold Classic.

Fire Truck Day

Thank you Mrs Britt for making the cutest school shirt ever :).

Aspencade Parade

Hope & Izzy with Daddy watching the paradeHope & Calla waiting for candy
Hope & Calla got to watch the parade together she was visiting her Grandma & Grandpa for the weekend. Sad I did not get to see her Mommy but so happy Hope & I finally got to meet Sweet Calla. Ashley she looks just like you & I'm sure there is a picture of us about that age watching the parade that would almost match our girls picture too funny.

Main Street Days

Ryan was out of town so I took Hope up to main street days because she loves a petting zoo. We spent over 1 hour in the petting zoo & got 8 cones filled with food she told me the animals were very hungry. We also had to ride a pony & a few rides before going home.


Not sure why we took this sometimes Hope tells me to get my camera & she runs in front of picture tree in front of our house.

Butterfly Garden

Hope & a few friends meet to play with some butterflies. We did this the last 2 years & Hope loves it she had a great time again this year.

1st Day of School

Hope dressed herself & informed me she has to war a dress or tutu to school & so far she has everyday.

Meet the Teachers

Yeah caught up with summer now for fall. Hope is a penguin this year she loves her school & teachers but her friends are in different classrooms this year. 2 of her good friends from gymboree (yes since they were 6 weeks old) go to the school & were in class last year but they split them up this year all 3 different classes, I think that was planned, lol.

Happy 2nd Birthday Baby Rio

Sweet baby Rio had the cutest owl birthday ever & Mrs Britt out did herself again with the precious decorations for it. So sad I did not take more pictures I guess that what happens when I have to chase down Hope every 2 seconds.

Gym Plus Summer Camp 2010

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Hope & Ella Claire went to go watch pinkalicious play. It was too cute they had popcorn & pink cupcakes yummy.

Gymnastic's Summer 2010

donkey kick (aka) handstand This picture is on the menu @ CiCi's pizza